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Bizz-Vlaanderen has emerged from two worlds: the world of institutional consultancy based on twenty years of experience in public service and management and the world of technological renewal and development.

We are particularly well equipped to assist public authorities in developing IT-projects and to simplify their internal processes.

As a CEO in charge of a public agency or government at any level you can count on Bizz-Vlaanderen whenever you want to:

- consult specialists to help you realize your projects,
- develop tools to support the daily work of your employees,
- develop communication strategies and -instruments by using the latest resources and technologies,
- find competent, committed people to innovation projects.

With Bizz@Gov we developed a methodology to conceptualize and manage projects. Bizz@Gov is customized to governments and public authorities. It's a unique concept. We refuse to sell you management systems that have been developed to serve private companies. We profoundly believe those who are in charge of public authorities or institution are entitled to some respect to their specific situation and missions.

Based on many years of experience and knowledge on public issues, Bizz-Vlaanderen also developed a number of instruments which are easy to implement and can improve the functioning of public authorities considerably: BizzAdmin, BizzTeam, BizzBudget and BizzRisk.

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keep track of files with BizzAdmin
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cross-sectoral work with BizzTeam
BizzRisk: risk management in public projets
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