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how do we work

Bizz-Vlaanderen develops software solutions which have following, verifiable characteristics:

- light-weight: simple, tailored to the needs of our clients,
- dynamic: fit to grow at the pace of the company,
- open: no vendor lock-in,
- complete: incorporated with existing applications.

From the early start of each project we try to pursue our customers objectives, which is to develop working tools to make the company's activities easier and cheaper.

Like our customers, we are convinced there is little use in installing heavy-weight and expensive applications which are quite often partly useful and used. We prefer to create applications that can grow with the company. Each time new bricks can be added to our software without losing the investment already paid for.

Before even starting to write the first line of softwarecode Bizz-Vlaanderen studies the company processes thoroughly even if it's necessary, for example, to spent time with your workers on the floor. This is our way to guaranty our software is useful and will be used by your employees.

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