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Mobility is vital in the success of your company. Swift supplies, a perfect functioning of your salespersons, perfect planning and follow up of your technicians, a day-to-day monitoring of construction sites, correct cost calculations of interventions,... your customers expect a superbe service and you want to provide it.

Planning and monitoring of your mobile workers and communication with them are particularly important. You can earn a lot of money, but also lose money.

The M-Worker Series help you to organise your company's mobile forces according to your standards. You want to know exactly where your employees are, supervise the execution of their missions, how much time they spend on missions and transport, when they will arrive at the next customers adress,... M-Worker Fleet gives you all the answers. You will be able to get a real time picture of your employees activities in the field. Standard reporting will help you to evaluate and, if necessary, intervene.

If it's also important to plan tasks correctly and to have a precise view on their execution, if you want to invoice you customers shortly after delivering services and goods, if you need detailed information in real time to monitor your budgets and to calculate your expenses, ... in these and other cases M-Worker Global is the most suitable instrument. This application can be integrated in your existing company systems (ERP, CRM, billing software, HR-programs,...) and eliminate a lot of useless and time-consuming paper work.

The M-Worker Series series are developed in collaboration with our technological partner BizzDev.

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