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Companies and organisations differ. The differences between the needs and possibilities of a small company, an expansive SME and a large company with structures abroad are huge. The differences between a local administration and social security services likewise. This goes for their IT-needs as well.

Nevertheless the software market is submerged with standard software packages "off the shelve" promising instant solutions for the complete organisation of your company or organisation. Packages which, at first glance, seem reasonably cheap. However, once training and services are taken into account, the costs can mount considerably. And perhaps today 5 licences are cheap, but what if your company grows to 50 users?

Bizz-Vlaanderen specializes in developing software tailored to the size and culture of our customers. Our applications facilitate an efficient, simple and cost-aware organisation of your office or organisation.

Bizz-Vlaanderen develops software, installs the applications in your organisation, integrates them in your existing IT-environment and trains your employees in using the applications.

Our software can evolve with your organisation: it's modular, has on distance access, wireless, web-based, mobile,... And you don't have to pay additional licences once the number of users grows.

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