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Bizz-Vlaanderen offers numerous products and services:

BizzOffice: our applications helping you to organize your office or public agency or organisation in an efficient, simple and cost-aware manner. We develop, implement and integrate the application and train your people to use it. Our solutions take into account the future development of your organisation: on distance access, wireless, web-based, mobile,... With Bizzlink, an easy and cost-efficient development platform, we can customize our software to the needs and procedures of your company or organisation.

BizzMobile: together with BizzDev our mobile software partner, we develop applications to support your mobile employees, from simple track & tracing to full integration of their activities "in the field" in your centralized business systems such as CRM, ERP and other applications.

BizzWeb: Bizz-Vlaanderen helps you to use the internet as a fast and easy tool to support your organisation, your sales efforts, your employees in the field,... We can take care of the full spectrum of web services from concept, design, implementation to maintenance. We can create simple web tools as well as entirely incorporated web- and PDA- platforms to support your external and internal communication and your organisation.

BizzGov: using a unique methodology adapted to governments and service organisations, Bizz-Vlaanderen helps public agencies to realize all IT-projects, from analysis to implementation.

BizzSport: Bizz-Vlaanderen is a preferred specialist to develop IT-solutions to serve the world of sports. Practical tools, for example, useful to sport clubs and sport federations to create a professional and efficient organisation. Or applications to plan and monitor training, medical and organisational programs of athletes and teams in different disciplines.

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