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Bizz-Vlaanderen is a young, dynamic and flexible company. New, but not inexperienced, thanks to the cooperation between BizzDev, a software developer with a long state of service and innumerable references and Roodebeek Management & Consult, a specialist in institutional consultancy and project development.

Bizz-Vlaanderen can count on a team of about forty employees:

- young and innovative software developers,
- experienced project consultants in technology and organisation management,
- specialists in all fields: mobile applications, tailor-made company and organisation software, system management, consultancy, ...
- multi-lingual and international.

Bizz-Vlaanderen brings together two worlds and specializations: technological innovation and consultancy and project development.

This marriage leads to a new approach to IT-development projects: efficient, cost-aware, taking into account the real needs, resulting in the right solutions for the right problems, evolving with the companies or the organisations needs and growth.

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